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If you live in Fullerton you’re probably going to have Fullerton bees, wasps or yellow jacket problem at some point. If you have a stinging insect problem and you’re looking for a top-quality Fullerton bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place! Pest Control of Fullerton has bee and wasp removal specialists who look forward to protecting you home, family, pets, or customers from the harms of stinging insects. We currently offer both residential and commercial bee removal services, and can do almost any job you can imagine.

Our staff work throughout the Fullerton, California area to remove the threat of Fullerton bees and other stinging insects. Our stinging insect experts are experiences with removing honey bees, Africanized bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Our Fullerton bee removal experts will not only ensure that the existing bees are removed, but we can help prevent the bees from returning to your property.  Nobody wants to get stung, and you certainly want to find out how to prevent more bees or wasps from coming back–if at all possible.  Our staff will also remove any of the debris or remnants left behind by the bees. This usually consists of removing any nests and fecal matter left behind.

We aren’t like other  pest control companies. We won’t just send out one of our normal pest control techs to handle your bee or wasp removal. Our bee removal specialists are true experts in their field.  Our Fullerton bee removal specialists are truly passionate about protecting the families of Fullerton and take their work seriously. Call 714-515-5876 to learn more!

If you’ve noticed in increase in the number of bees you’ve seen around your home, office or school, then it’s a good indication that there is a swarm of bees nearby. A nest of bees can contain anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 bees! I’m sure we don’t have to sell you how potentially dangerous it is to have a bee nest near your home. Sometimes, bees may come to an area before actually making a nest. If you can, try to determine if the bees actually have set up a nest, or if they’re just a swarm that is going to move on.  Try to watch the bees to see if they go back to some type of nest.   However, make sure you don’t get too close.  You’ll want to consider your bee removal options if it appears that the bees have built a nest.

If bees take up residence in part of your building, such as in the attic, fireplace or wall, then you’ll want to call a Fullerton bee removal specialist immediately to ensure that you limit the damage to your structure. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any type of inspection fee.   Just give us an accurate description over the phone about the location and size of the hive, and we can give you an estimate.  We offer flat-rates so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost up front.  We aren’t out to spring any special or hidden charges on you.  We want to be as fair as possible for everyone involved.  We also guarantee our work, so you know it will be done right.  Give us a call today at 714-515-5876 and we’ll show you exactly why we’re the favorite bee removal company in Fullerton.  It isn’t worth getting stung, and anyone who is allergic to bees or wasps or other stinging insects should stay far away from them as possible.  It simply isn’t worth getting stung be Fullerton bees!

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